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Welcome to my blog! Took awhile to get this wix thing going but it was so much fun! No more hours of figuring out coding to customize blogger templates (although a good skill to have these days...) Introducing my first guest on the blog - my fur baby Toby.

We adopted Toby two and a half years ago from a lovely lady at a vet hospital who runs her own rescue/adoption organization. God bless her and her colleagues who took him in after being abandoned at a park <3

Toby is a couch potato.

To all those out there thinking of getting a dog (or a cat for that matter), adopt. There are dogs and cats of all sorts of breeds waiting for a permanent home. Needless to say, getting a pet is a lot of commitment. There are days when we wanted to stay out but couldn't because Toby needs to go outside. But the love and happiness you get in return cannot be described in words.

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