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Lately, I have a newfound appreciation for fiction. Maybe it's because of the 10+ hour days in front of the computer, leading my eyes to avoid any additional screen time at home. Maybe because the stories allow imaginations to run free. Maybe because it's intriguing to watch another person's life unfold before me.

Current personal favorite is "A Gentleman In Moscow" - so good that I have to own it. First came across the book as a recommendation on the Economist, found the premise interesting. I also wanted to find out how on earth could the author write 400+ pages on a guy confined within a hotel. I mean, what could possibly be so interesting? Well, the book certainly did not disappoint. Never a dull moment, the author presents the intricate relationships between the characters built over the decades Alexander (the main character) spent within the Metropol, without burdening readers with any unnecessary details. I guess what I'm trying to get at is that the storytelling gets your mind right there at the hotel witnessing every single emotion and event, but does not become long-winded.

Any recommendations for my next read?

Do you have a weird thing like me that if you've read the book you won't see the movie adaptation and vice versa?

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