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Inspired by the beautiful blooms around the City, I have always wanted to bring a little bit of the green and pink into the apartment. Sounds like a pretty straightforward task, right? Not for a "plant-killer" like myself.

Orchid flowers withered within a week of coming home with me and succulents died sitting on my desk at work. Unclear on what happened to the succulents, but learned that orchids don't travel well on a cold and windy day (cold and windy as in NYC mid-February cold and windy...). Yes, to plant-literate friends reading this, I had been inexcusably uninformed on plant care.

Bummed and somewhat embarrassed by my experience with plants, but determined to bring nature into the apartment, I opted for the easy fix - dried flowers.

I bought these lovelies from River Garden, who's a regular vendor at the Union Square Greenmarket. $15 but will last for at least 2 years (unless I move?).

While the dried flowers are really pretty, I long for the green and softness that one can only find in living plants. But I was intimidated by my past as a "plant-killer".

So this time around, I decided to do some homework PRIOR to bringing home another plant. I searched with keywords like "easy-care", "for apartment", "low-light" (my apartment is north-facing"), "amateur".

I quickly found my plant - the Peace Lily.

This video by House Plant Journal was particularly encouraging (see the magic at 3:54):

And wala! Almost three months in, my Peace Lily is still alive and well ($5.97 from Lowe's). It's even blooming with those pretty white flowers! Small success but extremely gratifying to see how this corner of the apartment comes to life with just the addition of one plant.

I am excited and encouraged to continue disassociating myself from the "plant-killer" label.

Readers, do you use plants to brighten up your apartments? Do share your plant care stories and tips!

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