This an annual blog or what?!

Hey all I’m back. Funny to see that the last blog post was from over a year ago. This an annual blog or what?!

Maybe being at the tail end of summer tends to leave me wanting more, feeling meh, looking for inspiration. Maybe it's the view of Empire State and Manhattan skyline. Maybe it's chatting with friends who seem to have life figured out more.

And so here I am blogging again. Letting my mind wander in search of something. That something may not necessarily be answers; maybe my mind just wants to step away from adulting and get some air.

Guess we'll find out together as the posts come in. Hopefully not a year apart again this time!

At Westlight, the rooftop bar/hangout of the William Vale Hotel in Brooklyn, NY (note: this upper level of the rooftop has $20ish cover and closes at 11pm; serves only a few kinds of beer and a cider)


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