Currently Reading: The Alice Network

Picked up the Alice Network from the Amazon bookstore earlier summer but didn’t get to reading this until this month. I was distracred by two other books recommended by coworkers: One Thousand White Women I struggled during the first half (main incentive to finish was so that I can start reading the Alice Network); I’ll Be Gone in the Dark I was too spooked to finish 🙈

The Alice Network threaded together seamlessly the many struggles common between the two Wars through two main storylines. Many events and quotes were extracted directly from memoirs or official documents/newspapers during the Wars, anchoring the narratives and rendering them more believable. Definitely appreciated the extensive and thorough research by the author.

I think this was what made me love this book so much. The women portrayed were coming alive between the pages. I spied along side with them, I cheered for them, I cringed with them, I despised the profiteer with them. And in the end was left in awe by their courage, pondering how lucky I am to live during times of peace (it's all relative).

Found the ending somewhat romanticized but overall highly recommend this book!

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