Conscious Buying - Skincare

About two years ago I had to change up my skincare because I was seeing allergies/intolerance on my skin. This sent me down a path of discovering clean makeup and skincare. Learning the standards of what constitute "clean" skincare, "cruelty-free" skincare, "vegan" skincare, etc.

I suppose demand has increased over the years; it's exciting to see more companies listening and embracing this. Also extremely grateful for resources like cruelty-free kitty so I can educate myself and look up how brands are doing. The more I read up on clean skincare, the more determined I am to be mindful and thoughtful of how I spend my money.

Over time I had tried many brands. It's really trial and error - trying to figure out whether breakouts were caused by the new products or hormones or bad diet or lack of sleep (uuughhhh the variables!), all the while trying to not break the bank or waste products. Skincare is personal. There is only so much "empties" YouTube reviews one needs to watch. At the end of the day, you just need to test drive yourself.

I recognize it's an evolving process but currently these are working for me:

Krave AHA Exfoliator & Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser

Farmacy 2% BHA Pore Cleaning Toner

Tatcha Cleanser, Silk Cream, Essence, Vitamin C Serum

Still trying to find a retinol cream that works for me. It has been either not much noticeable results or I had to stop and start a few times until I couldn't take the patchy skin/peeling anymore. Waiting for my skin to get acclimated to the dryer winter air, then I can try out my next one from the Drunk Elephant.

Clean and responsibility obviously mean different things to different people. I'd say I'm pretty new to this process and am evolving overtime. I started out with trying to find cruelty-free and harmful-chemicals-free products. The next step for my journey would be to explore similar products that come in more eco friendly packaging/less packaging. Open to recommendations!

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