Feeling Earthy

I must have just watched twenty videos of Greta Thunberg on YouTube. She was giving a TED talk, she was putting the pressure on world leaders, she was first bumping with Barack Obama, she was on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah, she was on a zero emissions sailboat, she was giving Trump the death glare, she was at rallies all over the world.

She’s trending for great reasons and I love that.

Over the past year I have started to be more conscious about my actions to the environment. Nothing to Greta’s level and admittedly way less informed, but at least started taking baby steps. Embarrassing right? A 30 year-old educated woman, who definitely has the resources to do more. The problem is though, my level of effort is already more than the average. Alright, I am making an assumption and I don’t have statistics to back me up. Such is simply my humble conclusion from what I gather daily while living in New York City.

For instance, at my office, coworkers who use reusable water bottles and coffee/tea mugs are still a minority. Think about it. Every day on average each person drinks 5-6 bottles of water at the office. 80 such coworkers times 6 bottles times 5 days a week is 2,400 bottles already. Just one week. Just one mid-size office floor out of a 50-story office building out of thousands of office buildings in Manhattan. If you think about it, it's crazy how this is not on EVERYONE's mind.

Also, most of us will likely still be around for the consequences. 🤦‍♀️

So what can we do?

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